"Loyal Listener, dear friend, patient family member:

Forgive the intrusion and pardon the spam. This week WFMU launched its annual two-week fundraiser (it runs thru March 4). The marathon is our primary means of paying our bills. We remain cheerfully listener-supported, and our commitment to free-form radio remains as quixotic as ever. We do it for love, not money, but we need cash to pay the overhead that supports the radio love den. WFMU is not an expensive operation -- we're a Tod Browning soundtrack on an Ed Wood budget -- but we still need $1.2M annually to operate. A considerable portion of our budget goes to expenses incurred in maintaining WFMU on the web so we can be heard worldwide.

If you can spare some change (any amount, even small pledges add up), please click here and pledge to my program's goal:


Yes, there's swag: a new t-shirt, DJ premiums, and sordid incentives for escalating pledge levels. All can be viewed at the above pledge link.

WFMU DJs DO NOT GET PAID. We are volunteers. All donations support the business operation of the station, including utility bills, mortgage, equipment, maintenance, web services, and the downmarket wages of a small, overworked administrative staff.

I've hosted a program on WFMU since 1975. This is my 37th year. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it. WFMU is more than a radio station -- it's a community. We're misfits, malcontents, and sundry oddballs, a Breughelesque swarm, but we have one thing in common: we love programming and listening to adventurous, unpredictable radio. It's a tradition worth supporting.

Irwin Chusid (Weds. 3-6pm Eastern)"