If you cross the mirror in the other direction, there really is a universe of self-reproducing digital #code. When I last checked, it was growing by five trillion bits per second.


"People treat the digital universe as some sort of metaphor, just a cute word for all these products. The universe of Apple, the universe of Google, the universe of Facebook, that these collectively constitute the digital universe, and we can only see it in human terms and what does this do for us?

 We're missing a tremendous opportunity. We're asleep at the switch because it's not a metaphor. In 1945 we actually did create a new universe. This is a universe of numbers with a life of their own, that we only see in terms of what those numbers can do for us. Can they record this interview? Can they play our music? Can they order our books on Amazon?

The digital universe is not just a metaphor for something else.
It actually is. It's a physical reality."

  George Dyson, Edge Conversation [3.26.12]