This week's cover: #borneo and #sofiayu

This week's Stress FM cover is a photo taken by Sofia Yu in Borneo. The picture is described by the author like this:

«This photo shows the present state of malay region of borneo, more specifically ,Northern Sarawak.
The land is totally devastated due to commercial/illegal logging and cassava/ palm oil plantation, cause a massive destruction on one of the last rain forests of the world. 
Borneo, is home for numerous of endemic animals and plants, and it all becoming destroys or extinct. 
The same for the human animals,the tribes, such as the forest Penan, who still resist to the logging and gorvernment oppression.... 
There is aline, a border line on this photo which indicated the separation between Malaysia and Brunei. Brunei is a wealthy country that does not do business with wood or palm oil so it does not cut their trees, although instead, exploit the land for oil and natural gas.»

Already mentioned in the description,  the Penan are a nomadic hunter-and- gatherer people who live in the Borneo Forest.
«Even though you hardly find Primary forest outside the national parks of the Sarawak State, this people still survive with very scarce source of food-that is sago trees,fruit trees,medicinal plants and game- due to heavy logging activity that has been a great cause of deforestation in Borneo Island. Commercial Palm oil,Casava and Timber are the main reasons for the decline of wildlife-endangerous and extinct species- and the destruction of the Penan "home" and culture.»

Sofia Yu has been in Borneo last July documenting the Penan alongside them. 
Her work can be visited here (flickr gallery).

Here, some of the issues documented by the author:

Shelter:They have shelters nearby the village for when they need to get things or deal with bureaucratic matters
Registration: The Penan tradicional names are not acceptable for registration. The Penan names are nature related, but in order to get ID cards they have to pick "appropriate names".
Crafts: The Penan women traditionally use forest material to make baskets,adornments and other utensils.
Resistance and Consequences : About deforestation and presence of infrastructure for plantations and gas (pipelines). Also de self-organization to cope with such damage.
Hunting and Fishing: Utensils and methods

This Sofia Yu project has been in exhibition at ES.COL.A in Oporto.

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