THIS CRISIS IS A URBAN CRISIS #david harvey e transição urbana

"This crisis, for me is a urban crisis in lots of ways...and i very much connected with the model of urbanization under the susteined capitalism since 1945.(...)
(...) And interestingly, the only part of the world is doing ok right know is East Asia focus on China. And what is China doing? Building cities (...)
(...) This relatinoshiop between urbanization and what´s going on in economy in general is a very important think to look out.
In a mid of a crisis, you nearly always got surplus capital and surplus labor, side by side and it seems theres no way to put them get together. But one of the ways you can solve that dilema is take the capitalism to rebuilt a city,
This happen in Paris on the 1850´s/1860´s, it have been the crise of 1848 and then Louis Napoleon came to power: ´How i´m gona do that?´ and he build all those news boulevards (...) Employed the capital and employed the labour (...)"

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