The #Zinneke Parade 2012 . Désordre - Wanorde

In the capital of Europe, half of the people are from somewhere else, everybody speaks at least two languages, they are locals of a place that exists mostly on paper - superimposed on a real city called Brussels. Once a year, trouble is plenty downtown.

The Zinneke Parade is where it all comes together: the music, performances, a walk across town, the communes, the languages. The officially-sponsored celebration of one of the world's most schizophrenic cities.

A daughter of the century, born summer of 2000 and named by the European Capital of Culture, the Zinneke is a rare instance of actual city-wide community life. It is also a manufactured reality, a moving portrait of an idea in search of itself.

The 2012 edition is called Désordre - Wanorde, or disorder. 
It speaks of the future. It speaks of Europe. It brings the noise.