1 - Magical Power Mako - Restraint, Freedom (MAGICAL POWER MAKO, 1974)
"Five years in preparation and at-home recording, this extraordinary debut album, released by a precocious and still-adolescent nineteen-year-old, was a highly strange mixture of pop art and Krautrock (its cover, inspired by the Faust and Neu! debuts, simply enlarged the Polydor label and price to cover the entire front and back sleeves). (...) Side one concludes with the psychedelic post-commune shriek of 'Restraint, Freedom', Mako here accompanied by cohort Keiji Haino (credited as 'Kei-chan')."

2 - J.A. Caeser - 凶兆 / 母捨般若経 / 犯されたら泣けばいい (JASUMON, 1972)
"This mighty soundtrack for Shuji Terayama's nihilistic movie of the same name contains all of the elements necessary to reach J.A. Caesar's intended pleasure centres. Here, turmoil, mind-numbing repetition, abject misery and grisly patriarchs abound, and all orchestrated by Caeser's damaged proto-metal and choral-led psychedelic sound. Mind-manifesting in the truest sense, this soundtrack played in the dark is as certified a Gateway to the Underworld as any acknowledged classic by Faust, Magma, the Cosmic Jokers, Ash Ra Tempel or early Amon Duul."

3 - Tokyo Kid Brothers - ピース~ダダダ/下田逸郎(作曲・共作) (THROW AWAY THE BOOKS, WE'RE GOING OUT IN THE STREETS, 1971)
"Sounding as thrilling and berserk as J.A. Caesar in full flight, this amazing interpretation of Shuji Terayama's 'city play' is by far and away this ensemble's finest hour. The psychedelic guitar riffs are said to be the work of Flower Travellin' Band's Hideki Ishima, the stock chatter, the screaming, and the chorale all supporting rumours that Caesar himself was involved. Only the movie version betters this ecstatic performance."

4 - Love Live Life + One - The Question Mark (LOVE WILL MAKE A BETTER YOU, 1971)
"Commencing with singer Akira Fuse's goggle-eyed one-day-old-baby innocence, Love Live Life + 1's album opener 'The Question Mark' escorts us through an eighteen-minute free-rock R&B adventure like nothing before or since. Clanking harsher than even the title track of Funkadelic's FREE YOUR MIND & YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW, and twice as long; cosmic as the Cosmic Joker's GALACTIC SUPERMARKET, and gnarly as John McLaughlin's out-there-a-minute axe excursions on Mile's 'Right Off' or his own DEVOTION solo LP, do these guys fight for their right to party!"

5 - Speed, Glue & Shinki - Someday We'll All Fall Down (EVE, 1971)
"Even before Atlantic had unleashed this astonishingly raw debut LP on to an unsuspecting public in 1971, guitarist Shinki Chen was already touted as Japan's answer to Jimi Hendrix (he wasn't) and the gorgeous Franco-Japanese heart-throb Masayoshi Kabe was adored by thousands of GS fans as Louis Louis of the Golden Cups. Bandleader, songwriter and singing drummer Joey 'Pepe' Smith was something else again, however, for this six-foot-two Filipino had an out-of-control ampethamine habit and a need to tell everybody about it."

6 - East Bionic Symphonia - 7.30 P.M. - 7.47 P.M. (EAST BIONIC SYMPHONIA, 1976)
"Tripped-out vocal drones, ominous bowed glissandos courtesy of an upright bowed viola and a one-string Chinese fiddle, deep meditations undermined by reedy snake charmer and scattered bamboo rods bouncing across the polished floor; this direct descendant of Taj Mahal Travellers is a certified classic of improvisation, occupying the same general space as that incredible ensemble. Formed by occasional Taj Mahal Traveller guest Kazuo Imai and featuring ten members as opposed to the Traveller's seven, East Bionic Symphonia had very much their own sound."

*All descriptions written by Julian Cope from his book JAPROCKSAMPLER

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