The Peoples Army is an organisation of like thinking minds that do not believe in a system that is failing us. Purpose / Objectives / Principles: To energise the collective diversity of those of us willing to take determined responsible control of our own environment. To acknowledge our dutiful responsibility to nurture our culture. To facilitate activities that educate, politicise and provide guidance to our youth.

[Jody intro]
I think we all have a duty to stand up and make our voices heard and to fight against what the government are doing

I get down for my people
Down for my people
Down with the government until we're all equal
Down with the media
And the corporations
I am not down with invading these nations
Stand up for my people
Up for my people
Fist in the sky until we're all equal
We need more meetings, more demonstrations
Occupy parliament
This is our nation

[Logic verse 1]
See I'm down for equality
Down to abolish the lottery
Down with all the government's policies
Silly me to believe no more tuition fees
Nine grand when there's still soldiers in the Helmland
Lines of division in Palestine and Kashmir
But who put the lines there?
See we created that
Civil war wasn't born and we made it a fact
The news releases pictures saying that we're violent
But it we're not violent, the media is silent
We've still got British soldiers occupying Ireland
And they wonder why we're still fighting
We're fighting for the third world and everyone who lives there
Fighting the feds who pulled Jody out his wheelchair
We're fighting for justice, I'm fighting for unity
Bottom line is I'm fighting for you and me [...]

...focuses on music with a wake up message. We're an innovative digital media production house formed in 2006. We focus on working with conscious artists in order to produce a visual experience that facilitates the sharing of ideas and the stimulation of thought. All of our current work is in HD and shot Guerilla style.