Stress Jingle #2: Jad Fair

In 1974, with his brother David, Jad Fair co-founded the lo-fi alternative rock group Half Japanese. Over the ensuing three decades, Half Japanese released nearly 30 records, and in the process, attracted a solid base of fans passionate about the band's pure, unbridled enthusiasm for rock and roll, Jad also performs and records as a solo artist, and occasionally collaborates with such musicians as Daniel Johnston, Moe Tucker, Sonic Youth, John Zorn, Yo La Tengo, R. Stevie Moore, Fred Frith, God Is My Co-Pilot and more. Jad's talents for album cover design led him to a second career as a visual artist. His simple, joyous drawings and intricate, complex paper-cuttings are shown around the world.

Now you can hear him on Stress FM:

"I can remember where I was when Kennedy was shot... and I can also remember where I was when I first heard Half Japanese."

Byron Coley (Editor Forced Exposure Magazine)