Stress Jingle #3: R. Stevie Moore

One of the most difficult to categorize musicians in rock, R. Stevie Moore is a true original. Bypassing the traditional recording industry more thoroughly than just about any internationally known singer/songwriter ever has, Moore has self-released literally thousands of songs through The R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club. Moore's music, a blend of classic pop influences, arty experimentalism, idiosyncratic lyrics, wild stylistic left turns, and homemade rough edges, is one of a kind, but entire generations of lo-fi enthusiasts and indie trailblazers owe much to Moore's pioneering in the field. Probably too quirky and challenging to ever break through beyond his devoted and slowly growing cult following, R. Stevie Moore has remained true to his fiercely independent vision.

Now you can hear him on Stress FM:

"R. Stevie Moore is a genius of a rare order, with the ability to marshall a bewildering diversity of styles and influences and mould them into something quite peculiarly his own. He's one of the few practitioners of post-modernist cross-pollination with the wit and sheer taste to produce a worthy hybrid."
New Musical Express (UK)