Stress Jingle #4: Andy Gill

Andy Gill is a founding member and guitarist for the English group Gang of Four, one of the leading bands of the late 1970s/early 1980s post-punk movement. Andy Gill and Jon King, the primary creative forces in the band, brought together an eclectic array of influences, ranging from the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School of social criticism to the increasingly clear trans-Atlantic punk consensus. Paul Morley described the band's music as "a kind of demented funk, incredibly white but also, because of political commitment and defiant sloganeering, very dark, and ultimately as close to the depraved edge of the blues and Hendrix." Critic Greil Marcus found his first viewing of the group's performance so shattering that he left after their set rather than risk having the impact of the deeply political Gang of Four's songs dampened by the pop-punk of the Buzzcocks. They've had a seminal influence on everyone from the early Red Hot Chili Peppers (their debut album was produced by Gill) to recent bands like the Rapture and Franz Ferdinand.

Now you can hear him/them on Stress FM:

"Probably the best politically motivated band in rock & roll."
David Fricke, Rolling Stone