Stress Jingle #7: Rich La Bonté

Rich La Bonté (FLAtRich) is an American musician, writer and editor. Rich was lead singer of the upstate NY band The Huns (1965-66). In the 1970s, he played bass and sang in the off-Broadway NY and LA original cast productions of Godspell and produced vynil for the infamous Moxie Record Company (70s-80s). He also collaborated with producer-artist Kim Fowley (80s-90s) and R. Stevie Moore (2009), created fLAtDISK SoftWorks as a freeware company in the late 20th Century and has given away free music files on the web since the early 1990s - and other freeware on

Now you can hear him on Stress FM:

"A warped savant who gleefully mixes British Invasion power pop hooks with post-punk/new wave oddball flourishes and DIY production."
J Penny - Electric To Me Turn