B Janoff Radio Special

B. Janoff is a DIY composer/musician from New York City. He pretty much keeps to himself these days. Occasionally he makes stylistically varied albums he then posts for free download on the What "!" ho Productions website.
There is very little other information available, as it should be.

01 Honkin' Goose Twist

02 I Couldn't Get High (The Fugs)

03 One Way = Not Anything (excerpt)

04 Constantinople (The Residents)

05 Oldsmobile Girl Magnet

06 Anyone'll Do

07 Last Thursday

08 Obstacle

09 After The Fact

10 Don't Dance

11 The Parade Moves Along

All selections written and performed by B. Janoff, except where otherwise indicated.
Featuring contributions by R. Stevie Moore, -max- and others.