Stress Jingle #10: Don Campau

Musician, radio host and archivist, Don Campau has been active in music since 1969. From 1969-1974, Don, Geoff Alexander and other friends recorded as The Roots Of Madness, a bizarre, avant-garde collective that released one album in 1971, and would occasionally perform unannounced at freeway overpasses and laundromats. In that same year Don began hosting his first radio show in California under the mentorship of Lorenzo W. Milam, one of the founding fathers of community radio in the USA.
In 1985 the format of "No Pigeonholes" was established and became home recorded cassettes from the international home recording movement called "cassette culture". The music covered many styles from rock, folk, outsider, oddball, punk, electronic and much more. Don continues broadcasting home recorded, small studio and independent music from around the world not only on KKUP but also throughout Europe on Radio Marabu and also on the net on The
During this entire time, Don has also been recording his own albums, ranging from home recorded rock to experimental and featuring numerous collaborations with other home recording musicians worldwide. In 2009, Campau started the web site project THE LIVING ARCHIVE OF UNDERGROUND MUSIC, which gives his personal history of the cassette culture/home recorded music movement. Many others have also contributed to this look back at the taping culture of the 1980s and 1990s.

Now you can hear him on Stress FM: 

"Don't forget to follow Don Campau's ongoing trip through the history of the home recording underground, he's publishing his online mag every month, and he's doing his monthly radio show available as podcast in the US and Europe. He has also a huge back catalogue of CDs."