Stress Jingle #11: G.W. Sok

G.W. Sok (Jos Kley) is a Dutch musician, writer, actor and graphic designer. He was the lead singer of The Ex for almost 30 years (and 1371 concerts) since its formation in 1979 until 2008, the year he decided to leave the band to focus on his solo career, theater projects and cooperations with other musicians. Sok also wrote  for various alternative Dutch DIY magazines, co-founded the independent music distribution company Konkurrent, played part-time with Dutch band De Kift, and started his private Druxat publishing as an outlet for his prose and poetry.

In 2011 he put together a book called A Mix of Bricks & Valentines: Lyrics 1979-2009, featuring all his Ex poems and other texts. In the same year he participated as actor and singer in the film The Everlasting Option, directed by SpOp. Latelly, Sok has accompanied many bands, either in studio or live, as the (ex-No Means No/ex-Dog Faced Hermans) guitar-duo Two Pin Din, the trio Cannibales & Vahinés, and the Italian band Zu.

Now you can hear him on Stress FM:

"There has always been space in The Ex's music, space filled by singer G.W. Sok with socially engaged lyrics, which, from the very start, transcend by far the sloganesque tongue of most of his punk peers."