Stress Jingle #13: Gary Lucas

Often considered one of the best and most original guitarists alive, Gary Lucas is an eclectic recording artist with over twenty solo albums to date, with styles ranging from psychedelic to world music, electronic, classical, ambient, jazz and rock. In his sophomore year he travelled on what he calls a "pilgrimage" to see his childhood hero Captain Beefheart, with whom he later formed a strong friendship. From being a Beefheart fan Gary eventually became his co-manager and joined the Magic Band, recording two Beefheart albums in the early 80s, "Doc At The Radar Station" and "Ice Cream For Crow", which featured his explosive solo renditions of Don Van Vliet's twisted instrumental compositions, "Flavor Bud Living" and "Evening Bell". These recordings put Lucas on the musical map as a force to be reckoned with, and laid the groundwork for his subsequent career.
Gary Lucas tours the world relentlessly both solo and with several different ensembles, including his longtime band Gods and Monsters, whose ranks once included the late singer Jeff Buckley. Over a long performing career Lucas has played and collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, The Plastic People of the Universe, Nick Cave, Alan Vega, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, Patti Smith, Jon Spencer, Kevin Coyne, Van Dyke Parks, Iggy Pop, Allen Ginsberg, Damo Suzuki, Michael Karoli, Dr John, Lou Reed, John Cale, DJ Spooky and many others.

Now you can hear him on Stress FM: 

(The guitar piece Gary Lucas is playing is his arrangement of the theme from Bela Tarr's film "Satantango" by Mihály Vig)

"I could listen to him play for hours."
Lou Reed

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