"dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS (dSCi) are back on the road again, after having been forced to interrupt the Kebab Tour due to a irreparable breakdown on the van in which they were travelling… So they decided to transform this European tour into a trilogy! The first part were the concerts played until the van broke down in Germany in the beginning of May, the second part were the dates that were already scheduled in the south of France and in Spain, which were done with another van in June. The third and final part [started] in Madrid!

In five years of intense and frantic activity, during which they inscribed a unique path between the margins and between the lines of the Portuguese musical scene, dSCi have self-released two EP´s (“I”, in 2008, and “II”, in 2009) and a tape through the label A Giant Fern (“SADITREVNiSAIEHCLOcIMEsSAUd“, in 2010), participated in many compilations, made five European tours and played more than 200 concerts in the most diverse situations and venues.

In February this year they released their first LP on vinyl in a partnership between their Associação Terapêutica do Ruído, the Portuguese labels A Giant Fern and Experimentáculo and the Italian labels Another Shame, Eclectic Polpo, Fooltribe and Human Feather. The album, which will very soon be reissued digitally by the Portuguese netlabel Enough Records for free download, is entitled “4”, not only because it’s their fourth recording, but also due to its numerological significance and as kind of tribute to mythical albums in the history of rock like Led Zeppelin’s “IV”, Black Sabbath’s “Vol. 4” or Beyoncé’s “4”.

They have also just republished the first two EPs (plus some extra tracks) in a handmade deluxe edition with the artwork in silkscreen printing made by Lucas Almeida!"

Associação Terapêutica do Ruído

dUAS sEMI cOLCHEIAS iNVERTIDAS´ live concert, recorded by Stress.fm at XX Feira Laica, in Lisboa: