Stress Jingle #15: Justin Adams

Justin Adams is a guitarist, producer and composer. 
After growing up in the Middle East, surrounded by different kinds of music and rythms, Justin went to England where Punk, Rock & Roll and Reggae were all over during the 70/80's.

After visiting the Magreb for the first time, he started following the roots of blues and rock in North Africa. Since then, he didn´t stop. He participated in the first Festival au désert, he has produced and played with lots of bands and musicians, like Lo´Jo or Tinariwen.
In 2007 he started playing with the gambian singer and ritti maestro Juldeh Camara in a project that later became known as Juju.  

Now you can hear him on


“I think the world risks losing the beauty of pure tradition, yes. I love pure tradition. When I can hear it, when i get the chance to hear pure tradition, I absolutely love it. But, obviously, I´m not a pure traditionalist. The only music that I can make is post-modern. ´Cause that´s what I am.”
Justin Adams