This week's cover: Lucas Almeida

Lucas lives around Lisbon.
Having drawing as the basis of all his work, he develops lots of different techniques: etching, painting, illustration, comics, self-published books,...
For some years now he runs his own screen printing workshop: Tobias Serigrafias.

"In terms of visual art, I believe that within the process of making something is a process to find the self and to dig in a little more than usual to make that effort to put it out—the stuff that is challenging us to be more alive and to feel more, the reality of the world in and out and all around. Maybe it’s a utopic ideia, but I believe art can help people became better human beings on both sides, the maker and the spectactor, because if it’s truly genuine, if it really goes deep enough into that layer that touches everyone, like the bone structure that we all share, or the magnetic energy field we are all soaked in, then through making stuff or seeing stuff that hits whats truth is for us and makes goose bumps on our skin, we are helped to feel more on a non-material level."
Lucas Almeida

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