This week´s cover: Ana Menezes

Ana Menezes (aka Piggy) is an artist and teacher. She´s also a PhD student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, investigating the creative process as a transformation process - therapy and artistic creation.

She participated in several collective and individual publications: Delight (1999/2001), Enfraskado (2007), Sim (2008), Dildodoodles (2009), Canções Usadas (Oficina do Cego; 2009), Aforismos do Estádio (Oficina do Cego; 2011) e Futuro Primitivo (Chili Com Carne; 2011).

"In my work I always try a fusion of languages​​, so I think collage is a strategy that clearly defines my creative process. I like to work as if I was playing and that's the way I experience the world. I don´t try to alter reality, but just understand it. These illustrations made with ballpen explore the compulsive side of the drawing: it´s a motor compulsion that is the source of the risk, an energy discharge, blah, blah, blah ... "

 Ana Menezes

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