Claim Against Fame, by Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz

The independent publishers MMMNNNRRRG & Lubok Bobok Samizdat just co-published this compilation of drawings roughly made by Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz during an art residency they recently did in Lisbon

Claim Against Fame is an anthology of several stories that, according to some critics, may please fans of Claudio Parentela, Mike Diana, or Joanna Latka, if they drew more (or even more) vaginas...
Alexander Brener performances "include defecating in front of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh at the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, having sex on city streets, and vandalizing art work. He was jailed in 1997 for spraying a green dollar sign on Kazimir Malevich's painting Suprematisme
In the court case Brener said in his defense:

The cross is a symbol of suffering, the dollar sign a symbol of trade and merchandise. On humanitarian grounds are the ideas of Jesus Christ of higher significance than those of the money. What I did was not against the painting. I view my act as a dialogue with Malevich." *

Barbara Schurz "is best known for her books, co-written with Alexander Brener, that address the boundary between art and politics from an activist perspective. These are heavily influenced by poststructuralism, particularly the writings of Michel Foucault, and focus their attacks largely on capitalism and imperialism. Schurz accompanied Brener to the Violence to Endurance: Extreme Curating art lecture at the ICA to both protest and involve themselves in the lecture. While there Brener defecated in front of the audience while Schurz threw peanuts at the lecturers." **

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