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A propósito dos actos de tortura e agressões sofridas por uma comunidade cigana de Vila Verde (Braga), vai ser entregue no Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos uma queixa com a seguinte argumentação:

These are the facts that we have aknowledge:

September, day 24, about 4pm, about 30 or 40 of GNR soldiers (National Republican Guard), in four vans, including two units of the Group of Special Operations from Lisbon, raided a Roma community in Vila Verde, of about 30 members, more than half of them under aged. It resulted in 8 detentions, including 2 minors of 16 years old, and 1 of 17.

The reports of the policial action are of terror and humiliation:

- Repeatedly beaten with punches and kicks, men, woman and minors.

- Forced the men to hurt themselves hitting a van with their heads. If they didn´t do it with enough force, the agents grab their heads and demonstrate with the “right” force.

- Constant verbal offences, racist comments and dead threats.

- Showered the men with water and then gave them electrical shocks in the head. At least one of them fainted.

- With an hose, the agents lay water in the mouths to the point of feeling drowning.

- One men has two marks of rubber bullets in his body.

- Stuck an iron bar in the throat of a men.

- Some women were observed by male police agents while were naked during a search.

- Damaged the water pump in the well, the only source of water of all the community. Damaged a door van bending it to a point of no repair. Broke a car front glass and dented it while walking with their boots over it.

- Inside the police vans, during the travel to the post, one on top if each other, the detained men and young’s where beaten and forced to sing Gypsy Kings and counting in english, a language that none of them knows. The punishment of a failed task was more beatings.

- In the GNR station in the city of Amares the beatings continued. They forced the men to be in their knees, near a open window and still with the body and cloths wet, shaking with the cold of the night.

- The next day only one men were still arrested.