Elephant Room, Part 1

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 AM & 11 PM (GMT)

I ain't no miracle worker… I'M A LIVING SICKNESS! 

On the sunny road to salina, the bad part of town, the sun lights up the shadows of your mind. So, instead of boogie chillen, take a generation landslide with alice in(to) wonderland and sing a song for freedom: Spiritus Manes et Umbra! And when you reach the misty mountain, get into the building with a steeple and feel the cold embrace of the effervessing elephant. Spend the day, in the room, and when the night falls you can see pictures of matchstick men…but, lookout! S.F. sorrow is born! 

Soundtrack (in no particular order): 
the central nervous system - status quo - christophe - the underground electrics - the calico wall - frijid pink - the great scots - the eyes - granicus - eighth day - dr.z - the entrance band - silver apples - escalator - first crew to the moon - alice cooper - the bare facts - pretty things - syd barret