Elephant Room: PART 2

Tuesdays & Thursdays  at 9 AM & 11 PM (GMT)

Warning: If i had a whip… 

Advice: Lazy lady, today is one of those days of the broken arrows so i, of the garden, advice you to taste les pommes de lune. Really, it’s the perfect day for a head trip, some soul-searchin' and to try the capture of the beast. Paint it dark and taste it. Satisfaction guaranteed………. Speed………. my speed…… train……. the train kept a-rollin'…….. i've got levitation::::::::::::::: un regard clair (obscur) …………….. Ave, Lucifer! How is the air up there?:::::::::::: 

 -Lazy lady, did the underground lady made you feel the warm touch of the fluffy turkeys? Congratulations! 

Soundtrack (in no particular order): buffalo tooth - 13th floor elevators - catherine ribeiro - alain kan - the mourning reign-faust – la de da's - the rolling stones – ivory - liquid smoke - kim fowley - aphrodite's child - the idle race - os mutantes - pentagram - daniel - the litter - evariste - precious few - quinteto academico - the 39 clocks -