New media don't destroy old media

Mobile is not the end of anything, it’s just another layer of the infinite variety of computing styles our lives are based on. Smartphones and tablets are not going to kill PCs, just like the internet didn’t kill television but only made it stronger. New media don’t destroy old media, they change and enhance them.

When people wonder why Instagram is improving its desktop website, they seem to forget that the post-PC era is about abundance, not scarcity. "Mobile first" means that smartphones are the entry point to the matrix, not its main unit, because there is none. This is Shirky 101: the demise of printed newspapers only made news media an even more important part of our daily lives. Media evolution is a part of technological evolution and it does not extinguish existent species, it just shifts the balance between the newcomers and the incumbents.

This matters because of Codeacademy, and Web Platform, and Firefox OS, and all the other web sites that point to an open, programmable, general-purpose network that connects general-purpose computers. Smartphones and tablets, in their current incarnations, are the harbingers of a docile consumer internet, and all the corporate euphoria that surrounds them should be telling us something about what that kind of network they really want

The mobile/desktop dichotomy  is bogus. 
The only thing that matters is the matrix, and what you can, and are allowed, to do in it.