RISE OF THE FALL (Oktober Show)

AT 17h & 21h  (GMT)
"Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation. Everything science has taught me, and continues to teach me, strenghtens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death."

"Young Leaders for Tomorrow"
Lady June - Some Day Silly Twenty Three
"Adolph's Blues"
Fake Book - Herman The German
Lady June - Bars
Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go

 "Oh, THE WORLD OVER THERE, it's so hard to explain! Just-like, a dream's-got, lost in yer brain!"

Country Joe & The Fish - Happiness is a Porpoise Mouth
The Music Machine - The Trap
"The Cloud"
Lady June - Tunion
Rodriguez - Gomorrah (A Nursery Rhyme)
"The Master"

"Bad weather always looks worse through a window."
Tom Lehrer 

The Misunderstood - My Mind
High Tide - Pushed, But Not Forgotten
"Language & Reality" 
Lady June - Mangel, Wurzel
Walter Wegmuller - Die Prufung
Tom Lehrer - National Brotherhood Week
Lady June - The Letter