Elephant Room, Part 4

You can see Mother Sky from the window of the Elephant Room

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 AM & 11 PM (GMT) 

Shape of things to come 

Sisters, O Sisters, now that you're dead we remember you as part of that old generation that used to sing every night the spaceship lullaby. We used to watch all of you singing it and dancing madly backwards to it all night. We seen it all through the introspective looking glass we had at grandmother’s house. It was like a tripdream. I miss that …But not that part when we had to pack up and leave, in the early morning, and take the dark road to Oxford Town. We knew we would meet mr. destroyer… 

Soundtrack (in no particular order):
bag - les baxter - can - the fallen angels - captain beyond - the ghost - sun ra - abstract truth - christopher - sheiks - yoko ono - afterglow - poobah