Elephant Room, part 6

You're alone now in the Elephant Room 
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 AM & 11 PM (GMT)


Hey girl, i'm ugly 


This is the homecoming of the teenage rebel. The evil woman's manly child, the female son of the stone woman, the male daughter of the venus in furs, the two faces three sex four arms five legs and six hundred fingers devil
So… HURRY ON SUNDOWN, street singer! Hurry down the highway and sing me that humble 
L.A.Blues parce que maintnaint il pleut :::: tape! tape! tape!

Soundtrack (in no particular order):

bang - dead man - dust - hawkwind - anthony dares progress - the stooges - velvet underground - clear light - brigitte fontaine - freedoms children - jeanne marie sens - scorpion - sam gopal - dr.z - the pink fairies