It's that kind of radio lives in different times zones, small cities, big cities, it marches on, sweet Suzette and sweet Chun li listen to it after school a thousand of miles away. The haters and lovers listen in, it's another kind of love another kind of radio. bitter or sweet we are on line 24 hours a day all over the world. Broadcasting, listening to what really matters to your heart. The truth is out there and we are in the business of believing, hating loving it's what makes the world go round, movies, shows, photos, memorabilia, travels and much more, is in the conquering business so you won't feel lonely at night. A promise of love above the skies, satellites bringing you together under the stars this is 21st century radio holding your waist pulling you up to the firmament. They call it the cease fire. hope it's never too late for one of those, make up right here on stress. That kind of radio.