Stress Jingle #16: Little Fyodor

Little Fyodor is an underground punk/garage legend from Denver, Colorado, who has been recording his unique brand of avant-pop madness for over 20 years, creating twisted, satirical songs which - beneath a crass and maniacal outer shell - express a deep empathy with those who most acutely experience the frustrations and alienation of modern life's "insect existence." Fyodor's songwriting, aesthetics and outlandish performances somehow manage to be simultaneous sad, angry and hilarious. Wallowing in their creator's self-professed "depression, alienation, nervous anxiety and shameful lack of social skills," disjointed tunes like "Too Many People," "Doomed" and "Fuck It" draw more from Pere Ubu and The Modern Lovers than they do from Weird Al (to whom Fyodor often and erroneously gets compared).

He originally performed in the band Walls of Genius (1982 to 1986), an experimental group which combined tape manipulation, vicious sociopolitical satire, twisted oldies covers and art-rock instrumentals. Music writer Richie Unterberger described them as "a rawer, more lo-fi take on the Mothers of Invention". After Walls of Genius, Fyodor went on to become a solo act, appearing both solo and alongside band mates Babushka (who he allegedly met in an alley while tossing aluminum cans into a shopping cart), Amadaeus Tonguefingers and Tricky Dick Wikkit. Little Fyodor is also notable for his association with the Elephant 6 collective and with the group Negativland, with which he toured in 1993. He is also known as a radio DJ with "Under The Floorboards", a show he hosts bimonthly (every other Saturday at 11 PM on Boulder's KGNU), which features weird and obscure music and audio art.

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"In my time I've seen Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, David Bowie and various members of the Rat Pack, but by far the most charismatic performer I've ever laid eyes on, has got to be a man who goes by the stage-name of Little Fyodor. On the surface, he would appear to be the antithesis of what you'd expect of a Pop Star; and he is - deliberately so. He has consciously inverted the rock 'n' roll paradigm, and in so doing created a kind of bizaroo-world version of the rock idiom.
(...) Little Fyodor is a genuine outsider, a pop anti-hero who both laments and celebrates his alienation. His songs are well-crafted psychodramas that usher the listener into a funzone in which giddy glee and paranoia blur effortlessly into one another."

(featuring Ken Nordine, Mike Watt, Jad Fair, Gary Lucas, Andy Gill, Ralph Carney and Many More)