James Bridle: selected quotes

"Looking at the machines in the Henry Ford museum, you realise that “efficiency” is what happens when everything is systematised: it’s the evolution of the system. It’s also blind to the sources of inefficiencies, or, rather, all inefficiencies look the same. So a dirty bomb, or an earthquake, or a hurricane, have the same value in a logistics system. And this is why legitimate civil protests end up getting treated like terrorism."
Impersonating the Machine | booktwo.org

"Everything wants to be, and being is a hybrid, digital state now. Everything wants to be digital. It aspires to that higher form, to be capable of being networked. And the network is what we have been building because it is what we need: the convergence of our tools and our desires, an unconsciously generated machine for unconscious generation."

"Taskrabbit, Uber, drones, high-frequency trading, austerity, and this: the natural endpoint of algorithmic capitalism. Cheap humans. Just-in-time people. A generation inside the machine, so drunk and indebted that it will be their lasting fame. An airbnb of the flesh. Impersonate the machine."

"software has an inherent disposition: it is designed to do work over time; it is a literature of dispositions."

"The internet is not a medium. This is the fundamental issue at the heart of the artworld’s grappling with digital / net art, it’s the issue at the heart of our conceptual problems with ebooks, it’s the fundamental basis for thinking about the New Aesthetic. The post-internet crowd know this: this is what post-internet means. Because we’ve been treating the internet as a medium like photography or sculpture or painting. The internet is not a medium: it is a context."