Trouble and tea in the Elephant Room
- Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 AM & 11 PM (GMT)-


Help! I'm a rock!

Stand by on the subway. Somebody groovy will come with some dirty water for you. On the bottle label you will read “Verde Pino”. It’s made with poison ivy, but don’t worry. Drink it. After ten minutes the Indian Rope Man will arrive. He will give you a shotgun. On the side you will read “80% Improviso”. Don’t worry. Shoot straight. Shoot the red witch girl. Shoot the scorpio. Shoot the tiger. Then walk to flower city and at the garden of earthly delights you will see the tooth factory. Meet me there. And Si j'ai les cheveux longs c'est pour pas m'enrhumer atchoum. Don’t worry.

Soundtrack (in no particular order): 
the mystrys - the united states of america - evariste- mafalda sofia - the mamas & the papas - the last poets - daphne - the rolling stones - peanut butter conspiracy  - pop five music incorporated - kim fowley - ohio express - sigla - the holy mackerel- standells - teenage lust - manfred mann -