Elephant Room, Part 13

Elephant Room’s Marshmallow Skies

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Menina Marina, os faunos andam aí…


Girl, you captivate me but… are you a boy or are you a girl? Why don't you smile now? Seems like, in all your confusion you need some help. My idea is that there’s only one thing to do: take a psychedelic pill or smoke some grass. You’re probably going to feel like an antique doll with an acid head. And all your heroes and villains will be there (under the screaming double) eagle. But don’t worry. Follow the plea from the soul and tune-in into some inner-manipulations.

Soundtrack (in no particular order):

Phafner - Barry McGuire - The Barbarians - The Gun - Litter - Equipe Mercado - The Electric Prunes - The Throb - The Beach Boys - Question Mark and the Mysterians - Rick Nelson - The Tyde - Smash - Tonicha - Quarteto 1111 - The Velvet Illusions - The All Night Workers