Próximo Domingo às 18h no Pavilhão Multiusos da Associação Moinho da Juventude na Cova da Moura será projectado o documentário Cabralista de Val Lopes.
A iniciativa marca a data do seu desaparecimento há 40 anos.

Após o filme haverá sessão de poesia aberta a todos os que pretendam recitar. Também será apresentado o Calendário Afro da Plataforma Gueto.

The Movie is a 2011 documentary film by Valerio Lopes. It asserts a number of theory-based ideas born around Amilcar Cabral and the independents and human rights movements he led mainly in the 1960'ies. 

Amílcar Cabral was a Guinea-Bissauan leader, writer, freedom fighter and politician, he was assassinated in 1973. "Cabralista" reflects the collective memory, how this revolutionary theoretician whose influence reverberated far beyond the African continent is remembered. 

With never released voice recordings, humanist citations and quotes, timeless footage and cultured visual effects, this film is a unique vision of Africa yesterday and today. From the first audience granted to an african freedom fighter by the pope Paul VI to Amílcar Cabral in 1970; to his speaking in front of the United Nations security council again as the first defender of African Independence, Cabral's unique work is remembered in this film by young African and Pan-African scholars filmed in Cape Verde, Libya, Portugal, Guinea Bissau ...