Leote Rec #6: Art Bears

Art Bears were an English avant-rock group formed during the disassembly of Henry Cow in 1978 by three of its members, Chris Cutler (percussion, texts), Fred Frith (guitar, bass guitar, violin, keyboards) and Dagmar Krause (vocals). The group released three studio albums between 1978 and 1981, and toured Europe in 1979.

 monday @ 11pm & thursday @ 11am [GMT] 


Otomo Yoshihide / Ground Zero - On Suicide (Rework) 
When / Lars Pedersen - The Tube (Remix) 
Chris Cutler - Three Bear Rooms (Mix) 
 Fred Frith - Everything Again (Mix) 
Andrea Rocca - The Three Wheels (Rework) 
Vitor Rua - Gold (Rework) 
Christian Marclay - Some Truth (Remix / Rework) 
Jon Leidecker / Wobbly – Winter / War / Force (Remix) 
Warrick Swinney / Kalahari Surfers - Rats & Monkeys (Remix) 
Anne Gosfeld - All Is Encompassed In The Night (Mix) 
Biota - The Summer (Mix) 
Massimo Simonini - Artico and Baci (Mix) 
John Oswald - Summer / Freedom (Remix) 
Brian Woodbury - The Fourth Wheel (Rework) 
Jon Rose - The Violin In Winter (Rework) 

Remix: working with bears tracks from a single song. 
Rework: concentrating on one song but adding and scrambling material. 
Mix: new works made from material taken from many songs.