Oscillations #16 : Neu!

Astronauta Pinguim apresenta o segundo disco dos Neu!, banda alemã formada por Klaus Dinger e Michael Rother. Este album foi gravado em 1973, tendo a produção estado a cargo de Conny Plank.

"This would be described today as an experimental remix album, although this one is a true classic. The recording budget was very tight and the album ended up as basically one track, the 11 minute "Fur Immer", which was a revision of "Hallogallo" from the first album. This was then added and subtracted to and played at various tempos - Normal, Super 16, Super 78 and place your finger on the tape and hope for the best. How John Peel ever managed to select the right speed I do not know. The rest of the album is made up of experimental sounds, but at all times these are still very safe and listenable. The final track "Super" must have spawned a hundred Public Image clones and strains to be let off its leash. If they had been provided with access to samplers then they probably would have turned this album into a 6 or 8 CD boxed set, something that Stereolab have actually done already and turned into a successful career. You've probably heard all this album before without even realising it as its been an influence to thousands of bands but this is the original and it still sounds refreshingly satisfying even after all these years."

OSCILLATIONS é um programa dedicado à música electrónica vintage inteiramente realizado e apresentado por Astronauta Pinguim. É emitido todas as TERÇAS & SEXTAS à MEIA-NOITE e às 18H (GMT).

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