The Weekest Links : Bitcoin, The Matrix, Rihanna

Hey hey, look at you, time goes by and you're missing me already. It's your girl Alice back once again for another round of juicy web content, coming at you live from the deep and sunny European south. Sit back comfortably now, this one is gonna be trouble. These past seven days haven't been easy for the world, suddenly everyone realizes that bombs are a daily occurrence, from Peshawar to Toronto, and 2013 is turning out to be as restless as any regular spoiled pre-teen would be. What a decade.

Ready? Let's do this:

The week of the 15th to the 22nd of April, 2013

Listen to Bitcoin ( via Algopop )

Bitcoin is all over the place right now, even your grandma is investing. I don't pretend to know how this new digital, stateless, algorithmic end-of-the-cash-economy currency is supposed to work, but I can definitely understand why everyone from the crypto-anarchists to the Winklevoss Twins got an itch in their pants all of the sudden. Imagine that, the end of money as we know it, bet you never thought you'd live to see it. Maybe you won't. In the meantime, why don't you go and  have a look at this beautiful real-time visualization of Bitcoin transactions. It's all bubbles and sounds and the color of money, which, it turns out, is black and white.

Agent of Good - The Matrix Returns

This one here is for the old-school crowd, the ones who are wise enough to remember exactly what The Matrix did to global culture, way back in the day, pre-millenium style. Well, it's back. This time, Agent Smith is working for GE, that sweet sweet corporation that brought you hits like NAFTA and the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Turns out General Electric also makes hospitals safer, through the Matrix. It's all about customized software, data, and connecting patients (that would be you) to the hospital machine infrastructure. You should really watch this: the tag line is "Brilliant machines are transforming the way we work". Some of us are old enough to know what that means.

Rihanna - Stay ( Live on SNL )

Sometimes a girl just gotta side with her own kind, you know? Young Robyn Fenty, despite her multi-platinum globe-trotting status, has been catching a lot of flak for singing this song, which is obviously about that moron who beat her up one time. The woman's also obviously in love with the jerk, and the first among you who hasn't committed that kind of sin can step right up and cast your first stone.

Yeah, that's what I thought, we're all human after all. Rihanna isn't. She's a mean killing machine, an agent of good, a product of the matrix, her hair all done up like the name is Holiday and she's about to sing segregation out of existence. The lady comes onto the stage in this video wearing a Bob Marley dress, for the love of God, then she sings this quiet and simple tune, and looks at the camera like she knows what it means.


Keep coming back, we'll be here for you. This is, live from Lisbon. Take care.

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