The Weekest Links : Bruce Sterling at SXSW 2013

Oh my. I was gonna be all jolly and humorous about this third edition of web linkage, and then the Boston Marathon explosions happened, and then Baghdad got hit, again. No jokes tonight. 

In fact, this week I'll keep it very short and point you all to just one link, Chairman Bruce Sterling speaking at South by Southwest earlier this year: it is, as always, very important to listen to what this gentleman says, whether in Austin or Belgrade. In more ways than one, this is a pretty dark speech, chock-full of that typical brilliant mix of irony and gloom that Sterling has gotten us so used to. 

It's a speech about disruption, about death, about the irreversible changes brought on by the century's digital technologies and how they might blind us to the fact that things don't always get better. How we might end up not noticing when they do. It's also a story about rebirth and flight.

You should read this right away, and take good care. See you next week.

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