This “piece” is an extended exercise of our current research on interferences in fictional, narrative and performative practices. Our research-in-progress deals with the questions of self-/body- narratives, (self) re-presentation, memory/time, writing/re-writing, event, action and fiction to explore some frictional tensions of the realms of imaginary and factuality. 

These subjects we will be collectively developing and problematizing in the upcoming workshop “Exercises in Fiction”, during the month of June in Altes Finanzamt. In this exercise in particular, we focus our attention on the architectual conditions for the emergence of a performative event by establishing a collaborative relationship with the public. 

In order to test this kind of affective and social involvement, taking as a starting point fictional space, we maintain the rotation and drifting between narratives to grasp reflection and extension of this fictional space onto the world and vice-versa. For this, we had to go back, to subtract the body, the gestures, the dance and the theater to dedicate ourselves solely to the contents and matters and therefore observe time, space and points of view as navigational tools with which words are organized into stories. 

Vera Sofia Mota & Maru Mushtrieva