Oscillations #33: John Baker

John Baker (1937-1997) was a British musician and composer who worked in jazz and electronic music. In 1960 he joined the BBC as a sound mixer, before transferring, in 1963, to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop where he remained until 1974. He was the most prolific of the early Workshop composers, developing a trademark style, creating music by manipulating tapes of everyday sounds such as blowing across the top of an empty bottle.*

Unlike some of the other members of the Radiophonic Workshop, John Baker was a classically trained musician, graduating from the Royal College of Music in 1960. A jazz pianist and composer, his background and interests made his productions some of the most melodic output of the workshop. In fact, he was privately critical of Derbyshire’s more academic approach, believing her to be more a mathematician than a musician.**

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