Leote Rec #19: RIO

segunda-feira: 23h / quinta-feira:11h / sábado: 16h

Rock in Opposition or RIO was a movement representing a collective of progressive bands in the late 1970s united in their opposition to the music industry that refused to recognise their music. It was initiated by English avant-rock group Henry Cow in March 1978 when they invited four mainland European groups to come to London and perform in a festival called "Rock in Opposition" with the slogan: "The music the record companies don't want you to hear".
source: wikipedia


Henry Cow - The Tenth Chaffinch
Samla Mammas Manna - Circus Apparatha
Univers  Zero – Improvisation
Etron Fou Leloublan – En Public
Magma - Ëmëhntêht-Rê (!)
Art Zoyd - Deux Images De La Cité Imbécile - Scènes de Carnaval
Stormy Six - Pinocchio Bazaar Ouveture
Aksak Maboul – Glympz
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Sleepytime