Capa da Semana: Jennie Savage

Foto: João Quirino

Jennie Savage foi a curadora do segundo open call de rádio do Ecos, que foi emitido nos dias 20, 21 e 22 de Setembro no stream da 

Intermission: An audio portrait of place - mapping the space from A to B contou com cerca de 100 participações de todo o mundo. Mais de 30 horas de experiências sonoras que procuraram responder ao tema  proposto neste ECOS: mapear.

Do site da Jennie:

Jennie Savage is a conceptual artist who seeks to transform people’s perceptions and ideas of place through the creation of mediated experiences.

Working site-specifically she explores the complex relationships between financial meta-narratives and infrastructures; the design and planning of public and architectural space and the perceptual construction of city/landscapes in relation to the individual or a more human story.

She has initiated projects, received commissions and exhibited in galleries across the UK and also been involved in international projects and residencies. (Cv page for more)

Published books include ‘Nutopia. A Critical View Of Future Cities’ (2012), 'Depending on Time' (2009) and 'STAR: A Psychotopography Of Place' (2006).


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