Esta semana, Leituras em Dia oferece-nos as sugestões literárias deKhamenei, o líder espiritual máximo do Irão.
As suas influências devem-se bastante ao espírito de resistência pré-revolucionário do Irão, que em vários momentos conduziu à fruição entre seculares e clérigos.
Contemporâneo de Jakal Al-e Ahmad (introdutor do termo Westoxification) e  de Ali Shariati, Khamanei sempre esteve atento às literaturas ocidentais, como revelam as seguintes sugestões:

"In my opinion, Victor Hugo´s Les Miserábles is the best novel that was written in history. I have not read all the novels written throughout history, no doubt, but i have read many that relate to the events of various centuries. I have read some very old novels. For example, say. I´ve read the Divine Comedy, I have read Amir Arsalan. I have also read a Thousand and One Nights....Les Misérables is a miracle in the world of novel writing...I have said over and over again, go read Les Misérables once. This Les Misérables is a book of sociology, a book of history, a book of criticism, a divine book, a book of love and feeling."

"Read the novels of some authors with leftist tendencies, such as Howard Fast,"

"Read the famous book the Grapes of Warth, written by John Steinbeck, and see what it says about the situation of the left and how capitalists of the call center of Democracy treated them"

"Isn´t this the government that massacred the original native inhabitants of the land of America? That wiped out the American Indians? Wasn´t it this system and its agents who seized millions of africans from their houses and carried them off into slavery and kidnapped their young sons and daughters to become slaves and inflicted on them for long years the most severe tragedies? Today, one of the most tragic works of art is Uncle Tom´s Cabin...This book still lives after almost 200 years"