Leote Rec #28: Mark E. Smith guest vocals

segunda-feira: 23h / quinta-feira:11h / sábado: 16h

Mark Edward Smith is the lead singer, lyricist, frontman, and only constant member of the English post-punk group The Fall.

Smith has won acclaim for his lyrical style, which mixes elements of social realism, surrealism, and absurdism addressing diverse topics such as drug use, unemployment, football violence, time travel and the supernatural.


I Wanna Be Your Dog (with The Clint Boon Experience)
(Stooges) / 1999

I Want You (with The Inspiral Carpets)
(Inspiral Carpets) / 1994

Repetition (with Tackhead)
(Tackhead) / 1990

Not Clean (with Ghostdigital)
(Ghostdigital/ M.E.S.) / 2006

Family Feud (with Von Südenfed
(Von Südenfed) / 2007

Transfusion 2 remix (with Ed Blaney)
(Nervous Norvus (arr.) Smith/Blaney) / 2008

The Heads of Dead Surfers (with Long Fin Killie)
(M.E.Smith / Long Fin Killie) / 1995

Glitter Freeze (with Gorillaz)
(Gorillaz / Smith) / 2010

Plug Myself In (with D.O.S.E.)
(M.E.Smith / Bassburger) / 1996

KB (with Elastica)
(Smith / Nagle / Elastica) / 1999

Seventies Night (with Edwyn Collins)
(M.E.Smith / Edwyn Collins) / 1997

(I’m) In Deep (with Coldcut)
(Black / More / Smith) / 1989

Fistful of Credit (with Mild Man Jan)
(M.E.Smith / Mildman Jan) / 2000

Louie Louie (with Jon the Postman)
(Richard Berry) / 1977