Oscillations #45: Terry Riley

Terrence Mitchell Riley is an American composer and performing musicia intrinsically associated with the minimalist school of Western classical music and was a pioneer of the movement. His work has been deeply influenced by both jazz and Indian classical music.

Through the use of overdubbing, Terry Riley plays all the instruments on A Rainbowin Curved Air: electric organ, electric harpsichord (Rock-Si-Chord), dumbec (or goblet drum), and tambourine. The work begins with a simple minimalist drone but quickly erupts in exciting rapid-fire figurations far removed from typical slowly evolving minimalist structures. The rest of the piece explores various layered keyboard and percussion textures.

The combination of the one-man-band overdubbing, electronic instruments, and improvisation made for a unique and influential recording, a defining psychedelic work of the 1960s, enhanced by its cover art and the peace poem that constitutes the liner notes.

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