Leote Rec #29: The Fall Tribute

monday: 11pm / thursday: 11am / saturday: 4pm [GMT]

Jeffrey Lewis – The Story of The Fall
Pavement – Mark E. Smith
Barbara Manning - Mark E. Smith & Brix
I, Ludicrous - I've Never Been Hit By Mark E. Smith
Sonic Youth - Psycho-Mafia
Jowe Head - Choc-Stock
The Hector Collectors - Specter Vs. Hector
Preston School of Industry - Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.
Fiery Furnaces - Winter
Chris Cavacas - Totally Wired
The Creeping Nobodies - Wings
The Barcelona Pavilion  - C.R.E.E.P.
The Black Eyed Snakes - My New House
Noise Wallah - Get A Hotel
Doc Shoko - Life Just Bounces
Chris Brakaw - Bill Is Dead