Leote Rec #30: Drugs

monday: 11pm / thursday: 11am / saturday: 4pm [GMT]
 [capa: apartir de desenho de Ana Menezes]


Bill Cosby - Downers & Uppers   
Stu Mitchell - Acid   
The Pretty Things - £.S.D.
Hawkwind – L.S.D.
Jeffrey Lewis – The Last time I Did Acid I Went Insane
The Fugs - Marijuana
Burt Topper - Pot Party
David Peel – I Like Marijuana
Frank Zappa – Cocaine Decisions
The Kleptones - Black Cocaine
James Chance & the Contortions - King Heroin
Kim Fowley – Drugs
Allen Ginsberg & Harry Smith – Dope Fiend Blues
People Like Us meet The Jet Black Hair People - <speech>
Cheech And Chong - Trippin' In Court

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