Oscillations #50: Oskar Sala

Oskar Sala was a 20th-century German physicist, composer and a pioneer of electronic music. He played an instrument called the Trautonium, a predecessor to the synthesizer.

"Oskar Sala was one of the most innovative men in the history of electronic music. His visions and his dedication had been so strong that he even build his own instrument and peripherical devices to be able to bring his visions to life. This sound and his instrument "the Mixtur-Trautonium" are so unique that until today noone on tnis entire planet is capable to reproduce or interpret any of his compositions.
As a person he was always nice, never agressive, willing to share, full with creative energy and dedicated in whatever he did, even in his ninetees he walked daily to his studio and played music. I was in contact with him since 15 years. Since I saw him on tv in a documentation of the mid 80ies he was a big inspiration to me. My visits in his studio showed me that there was no limit in the creation of music and sound.
He was and always will be my biggest hero in music and life."

Pete Namlook, Oskar Sala: A tribute by Peter Namlook


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