Stress Jingle/Station ID #27 : Black Saturn

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Black Saturn hails from the DMV (District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia). In 2006, he debuted with his self-released EP, Birds in the Morning. Since that time, his experimental, hip-hop, industrial, noise and dub influenced sound has graced numerous podcasts, collaborations, net labels and radio airwaves. In 2012, Black Saturn released Ned Jackson is my Little Brother, described in a Foxy Digitalis review as a "financial crisis Sun Ra; folk wisdom eccentricities merged with interplanetary black consciousness and bleak recession era urban reality".

Black Saturn has also joined the hip-hop/concrete/dub/industrial duo known as Fujako, a project which came out of the clash of Jonathan Saldanha (SOOPA, HHY & The Macumbas) and Nyko Esterle (Ripit, Radon collective). Together with MC Black Saturn, Fujako toured Europe opening for acts like Death Grips and Sensational. He has also collaborated with Kansas City-based musician Christophe Gilmore (FluiD) in Black Saturn vs. subduxtion, resulting in multiple releases available on Alrealon Musique. In 2010, the duo did a brief string of performances in the US, culminating in their appearance at Noise Shock: Abstract Art and Music Festival in Illinois.

Black Saturn is also featured in the critically acclaimed album by Fluid, Envisioning Abstraction: The Duality of FluiD, and in New York's experimentalists PAS Musique's Reconstruction. He's currently involved in the drum 'n' bass/jungle project The OMEGA DUB EXPERIENCE, an online collaboration with Kanza (Cold Metal Future, Bassookah) and Død Beverte (Dethcentrik). Generation of the Figtree is the title of Black Saturn's upcoming release.

"Black Saturn delivers (...) experimental dub hip-hop, featuring heavy dub rhythm loops and space-age poetry (...) with an out-there flow, far less concerned with spitting rhymes over a beat and a lot closer to stoned-out beat poetry. Worth zoning out to."
Paul Simpson (Foxy Digitalis)