Leote Rec #33: Phil Minton

monday: 11pm / thursday: 11am / saturday: 4pm [GMT]

Phil Minton is a jazz/free-improvising vocalist and trumpeter. Minton is a highly dramatic baritone who tends to specialize in literary texts.

He is perhaps best known, however, for his completely free-form work, which involves "extended techniques" that are extremely unsettling. His vocals often include the sounds of retching, burping, screaming, and gasping, as well as childlike muttering, whining, crying and humming; he also has an ability to distort his vocal cords to produce two notes at once.

Since 1965, Minton has performed on over a hundred different vinyl record and CD releases. 

source: wikipedia


Phil Minton – Orders for the Pals
Phil Minton – Urgent
Five Men Singing – No Drone Rising
Phil Minton / Veryan Weston – Class Struggle
Phil Minton Quartet – Sandhyas!
4 Walls – Rain or Hall & Sluggo*
Bob Ostertag / Gerry Hemingway / Mark Dresser / Phil Minton – Cornflower (live)
Poire_Z + Phil Minton - Q Oder Z
Phil Minton / Axel Dorner / Thomas Lehn –  AR?

* poem by E.E. Cummiguns, 
followed by “Sluggo” written by Michael Moore


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