This week's cover: in Asia

On this week's cover, reports from southeast Asia, with a special insight into the luminous city of Macau. The glitter, the politics, the shock and awe tactics of a thousand croupiers!

In this report:

* November was the month opened in Macau. Our first international branch will keep you updated on all things eastern, global, on the edge. Local insights turned inside out, is here to define and defy, broadcast and harvest, collect and connect.

* The sound of southeast Asia cannot be put in words and so it shall be podcasted. An audio travel report of overlapping densities, POF POF in China puts you right inside the action, makes no concession to equalizer or mastering modules, it is the shocking truth on a micro SD card.

* We met in Macau with Prof. Titus Levi, media scholar and economist extraordinaire , for a deep and engaging reflection on some of the most pressing issues being raised by the century’s digital shift and biological challenges. Listen to the interview and be amazed by the scope of what is to come for China and the world.

* Photography is the now common man’s weapon against the passing of time and the illusions of memory. brings you all the full-screen glory of a fearless expedition into the throbbing heart of turbocapital. Check out the photo narrative.